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Importance of the PCR Machine Donation

by | Nov 24, 2020

Importance of the PCR Machine Donation

There are currently only a limited number of PCR machines in Sri Lanka. Delays in PCR testing leads to an increase in the number of coronavirus infections. Our hope is to donate a PCR machine for the Kegalle District, Sri Lanka.

The Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka is an area of 4,968 square kilometers. Kegalle and Ratnapura districts belong to Sabaragamuwa Province. According to the 2011 census, there are 1,918,880 people living in the Province. Sabaragamuwa is the 5th most populous province in Sri Lanka.

Do you know that only the General Hospital in the Ratnapura District currently has a PCR machine for such a large area. If a patient is found with sudden COVID-19 symptoms the PCR samples have to be taken to Kandy or Colombo hospitals for testing. Each hour results delayed keeps infected people out in the society. Leading to infection rate ripping through unsuspected poor lives in rural areas.

To make the situation worse, in the case of recent deaths, it took several days to retrieve the body due to delays in PCR tests. In such cases, the cold storage facilities in the mortuaries of the hospitals are not sufficient.

Hence we created this campaign, we are hoping to gather the support of everyone who is willing to help in donating a PCR machine to the Warakapola Hospital in the Kegalle District in Sri Lanka.

The need for a PCR machine will not go away even if the COVID-19 pandemic is over. This machine can be used to diagnose many other diseases. So donating a PCR machine to a hospital is a great donation that will save thousands of lives over the years.

Nadula Karunaratna an IT consultant from Australia, join hands with Danesh Edirisooriya director of foundation in Sri Lanka, started this campaign to raise money for this PCR machine worth 5 million Sri Lankan rupees (AUD 37k+).

Please visit our campaign page for more info:

Every dollar counts and your contribution saves lives.

Thank you