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What is PCR Test?

by | Nov 24, 2020

What is PCR Test?

This is a very brief overview about PCR Test , which currently is a common topic among the countrymen. Relevant specimens obtained from a patient’s throat and nose (NP / OP) at the hospital or at a quarantine center are placed in a virus transport media and brought to the laboratory where the corona tests are carried out under triple packaging conditions and with function of Ice /Cold Those specimens separated from the VTM in a specialized tube in the laboratory. (Aliquot) Later extracts all the RNA in each patient’s specimens. (Extraction) If the virus is present, its RNA is also isolated.

After a large number of processes, they are inserted into the PCR machine and the relevant data is provided. There are several types of such machines. Ex: Biorad, Rotagene

Samples of 96 or 72 patients can be examined simultaneously in such PCR machines. Many processes also take place in that machine . An averagely this PCR machine only takes more than 2 hours to process.

Through this a person can be identified as being infected with COVID 19. For the extraction part of this PCR test takes long time and it takes approximately 8-10 hours for the extraction of 96 samples to be added to the PCR machine at once. The whole process takes more than 10-12 hours and such results can be given only if the relevant conditions are right.