Support for Disabled People

Support for Disabled People

In Sri Lanka, there are so many children, adults and seniors with mental and physical disabilities due to various reasons. These disabled people have various needs such as wheelchairs, orthopedic equipments such as water mattresses, air mattresses, and hearing aids etc. However, families can not afford these requirements. People in remote areas do not even have access to a wheelchair provided by the government.. They cannot work because of their disabilities. Basic needs cannot be met. With your donations, we can help them to improve their living standards.

  • Wheelchair Regular – $109 – 111 CAD 
  • Wheelchair with Commode –  $143 – 148 CAD 
  • Wheelchair Tricycle –  $341 CAD 
  • Walking Stick – $15 CAD
  • Walker – $44 CAD
  • Crutches – $26 CAD
  • White Cane (cane for blind) – $18 CAD
  • Wooden Walking Cane – $7 CAD
  • Water Mattress – $58 CAD
  • Air Mattress – $97 CAD
  • Hearing Aids – $547 CAD+
Bicycle for school kids

Bicycle for school kids

In some rural area in Sri Lanka, school kids have to walk long ways (about 5 km or more) to reach their schools as there are no public transport or school buses. Therefore, having a bicycle is a dream of many children. With your donations, we will be helping few of these school kids to achieve their dream.

  • Mountain Bicycle –  $131 CAD – $167 CAD 
  • Small Bicycle – $58 CAD
  • Tricycle – $30 CAD 


Eye Glasses (Spectacles) for Kids and Adults

Eye Glasses (Spectacles) for Kids and Adults

There are many low-income mothers, fathers and children with poor eyesight. But they have no money to go and see an optometrist and afford prescribed eye glasses (spectacles). With your donations, we can help them to improve their eyesight.

  • Eye Glasses (with eyesight test) –  $55 CAD – $88 CAD (Including travelling)
  • Reading Glasses – $8.75 CAD – $10.94 CAD
Mask & Sanitizer

Mask & Sanitizer

Wearing masks is mandatory wherever you go. Especially in public places. Hand sanitizers and masks are not a priority for poor families as their priority is to find something to eat for survival. Yet, these people are so vulnerable due to their living conditions, poor sanitary facilities and underline health issues. Mandatory requirements has added a strain to these families. Our plan is to buy masks and hand sanitizers and distribute among poor families. But without your contribution, we can not support them.

  • 2 Mask & 100ml Sanitizer Bottle Pack – $2.55 CAD 
Computers for Kids from poor families

Computers for Kids from poor families

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is being taught in every school now. For high school students and College/University Students, a Laptop has become a must to continue their studies in a rapidly changing world. Most students are helpless as their parents are unable to afford a laptop for their education. With your donations, we are planning to buy laptops for kids from poor families.

  • Laptop –  $483 CAD 
  • Basic Computer –  $218 CAD 
  • Advance Computer – $401 CAD