Helping Poor Families During Pandemic and Beyond

By Dr. Sumith Kahanda partnered with

Millions of people have lost their jobs during this Pandemic. There is are no exceptions to people in Sri Lanka. The Government does its best to help people but it won’t continue for long. However, they struggle. The most vulnerable people and families who are already below poverty line need a great deal of support for a foreseeable future. For a country like Sri Lanka, this is a huge burden. Low income families in Sri Lanka receive Rs 5000 each per month for two months during this COVID19 pandemic. 

Donate a Roof to Underprivileged Families

By Ranil Vidanagamain association with

The purpose of “Donate a Roof” is to provide tin roofs to disadvantaged families and individuals in rural Sri Lanka who are living in houses with unsafe roofs or no roofs (i.e houses which are covered in polyethylene sheets for instance) as well as repairs to the existing unsafe walls and roof frames to support the tin roofs.
While there are so many who need help, our aim is to prioritise families with children, orphans, pregnant mothers, disabled and elderly people with no families to support them.

Donate Solar Panels (Study Lights) for Poor Families in Sri Lanka

By Chamara Suranga Mundigala partnered with

Can you imagine trying to do homework or read a book with no light? In Sri Lanka some of children have no access to a safe light that can help them study after dark. They have no choice but to use kerosene lanterns. The smoke from these light sources is hazardous to their health. The flames are also a fire hazard.

Kerosene lanterns used by kids and youths are a health hazard and cause tragic fires. The weak and flickering light damages the kids’ eyesight when they are studying at night. This also causes headaches. Additionally, the smoke and soot from the open flame adversely affects their lung health. The on-going fuel costs for these lanterns deplete scarce family resources. These hazardous lanterns have caused fires that have consumed homes and resulted in many deaths.

Self-employment for Underprivileged Families

By Anura D Keerthisinghe, partnered with

A large number of low-income Sri Lankans are helpless due to the COVID19 epidemic. Most of them lost their livelihood. While public servants get paid, the middle class live off their savings, the poor are very helpless. We plan to create self-employment opportunities to these affected families. We hope to provide the initial raw materials, tools, equipments and guidance for them to start self-employment of their choice to achieve long-term stability.

Support for Disabled People in Sri Lanka

By Rasangi De Silva, partnered with

In Sri Lanka, there are so many children, adults and seniors with mental and physical disabilities due to various reasons. These disabled people have various needs such as wheelchairs, orthopedic equipments such as water mattresses, air mattresses, and hearing aids etc. However, families can not afford these requirements. People in remote areas do not even have access to a wheelchair provided by the government.. They cannot work because of their disabilities. Basic needs cannot be met. With your donations, we can help them to improve their living standards.

Self-employment for Underprivileged Families

By Suneth Premarathna, partnered with

We plan to create self-employment opportunities to covid-19 affected families in Sri Lanka. We hope to provide the initial raw materials, tools, equipments and guidance for them to start self-employment of their choice to achieve long-term stability.

Completed Fundraisers 

Help Sri Lankan rural communities in need of drinking water

By Lewmini Pitigala, assisting with

Safe and readily available drinking water is essential for all of us. In rural and disadvantaged communities in Sri Lanka, their water is sourced from reservoirs, irrigation channels and ground water. Unfortunately, malpractices in agricultural operations, such as waste disposal and overdose application, have led to all these channels being polluted with traces of fertilizers, pesticides and heavy metals (eg. Cadmium). This has a dire impact on all members of these communities, young and old, as the consumption of contaminated water has caused fatal conditions such as chronic renal failure (CRF), diarrhoeal diseases, and other significant health repercussions. 

Inactive Fundraisers

Donating a Bicycle to Needy Kids in Sri Lanka

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Many children in Sri Lanka face considerable challenges in getting a good education. Some children live many miles from the nearest school, making walking to school very difficult, if not impossible. Without access to quality
schooling, children have less chance of emerging from poverty and their chances of a happy, prosperous future are greatly diminished. This is why we launched this “Donate a Bicycle” project.