Donate A Roof

While there are so many who need help, our aim is to priorities families with children, orphans, pregnant mothers, disabled and elderly people with no families to support them.

Unfortunately, these communities who live rural Sri Lanka struggle to provide themselves basic necessities such as food, clothing, transportation, medicine, but with Donate a Roof we are hoping to provide them at least safe shelter that many of us are blessed with and take for granted.

Some of these families and individuals live in houses which do not have doors or windows and some of them do not have doors or roof coverings to the outdoor toilets as difficult as it may be to believe. We are hoping that we will be able to provide these as well using your kind donations.

Tin Roof – Each House Cost $67 – $113 (Depending on the size of the house/roof)
Cover walls using Tin Roofs – Each House Cost $75 – $188 (Depending on the size of the house)
Window & Window frame –  $72
Door & Door frame – $45
Doors for Toilets – $45
Cover a Toilet with Tin Roofs – $45
Cement Bricks – $226 – $376 (Depending on the size of the house)
Clay Bricks – $135 (Depending on the size of the house)

+ Transportation and other costs (this will change according to the project location, distance between village and the main town)