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In Sri Lanka many children in rural areas still have no access to safe lighting to study after dark. Most of these children depend on kerosene based lamps for studying during night. These lamps emit very low light, give out smoke, soot and toxic fumes and cause serious health hazards for the children; the children, who use these lamps, are afflicted with eye and respiratory problems. Further, these lamps are potentially dangerous, as they can result in fire accidents and cause burn injuries to the children.
Our mission is to give safe lighting to these kids using low cost solar panels to help them study safely during night.

Donate Solar Panels (Study Lights) for Poor Families in Sri Lanka

By Chamara Suranga Mundigala, partnered with

Can you imagine trying to do homework or read a book with no light? In Sri Lanka some of children have no access to a safe light that can help them study after dark. They have no choice but to use kerosene lanterns. The smoke from these light sources is hazardous to their health. The flames are also a fire hazard.

Kerosene lanterns used by kids and youths are a health hazard and cause tragic fires. The weak and flickering light damages the kids’ eyesight when they are studying at night. This also causes headaches. Additionally, the smoke and soot from the open flame adversely affects their lung health. The on-going fuel costs for these lanterns deplete scarce family resources. These hazardous lanterns have caused fires that have consumed homes and resulted in many deaths.


We  plan to raise $2500

Our Project Plan

This project will provide safe, renewable lighting through solar-rechargeable lights. The kids and youths will now be able to read and study safely at night – with no risk to their health and lives. No kids should have to risk their health or lives because of having to study with dangerous lighting. Solar lights will make safe studying a reality! It will save the families thousands of rupees in fuel expense over 2-3 years. Also we will be eliminating the potential for house fires. The children will be able to study in a safe environment. This will help them excel in their school work and further their education.

Solar Power (Domestic Unit) for Rural Families

Access to Electricity is not available in some parts of Sri Lanka due to various reasons. Also, poverty has become a barrier in getting access to the power Families who do not have access to power, use Kerosene oil lamps which are not safe. Poor kids who use these lamps for their studies in the night are vulnerable to fire hazards and other health issues. Our goal is to supply  solar panels and “Study lamps” operated by solar power for these families. This can also be applied to the houses where Seniors live without electricity. Your dollar can go long ways to light someone’s house. We are planning to donate 12 Solar Panels/Study Lights.

Solar Panel for Electricity (Study Light) – 182AUD | $176 CAD | $135US | 113 Euro

(This Includes Purchasing required electronic items, Solar Unit Manufacturing cost, Travelling/Transport cost, Installation cost etc.)

Solar Lanterns for Students

Access to energy unlocks opportunities for better education. This project will provide safe, renewable lighting through solar-rechargeable lights. The students will now be able to read and study safely at night – with no risk to their health and lives. No kids should have to risk their health or lives because of having to study with dangerous lighting. Solar torch will make safe studying a reality! We are planning to donate 20 Solar Lanterns at the beginning and expand it up to 100+.


Solar Lanterns (Rechargeable LED Tourch) – 8.38AUD | $8.09 CAD | $6.17US | 5.19 Euro

Meet Our Team

Chamara Mundigala
Main Organizer

Chamara Suranga Mundigala, has a passion to give back to communities in Sri Lanka which are underserved.

Danesh Edirisooriya
Project Manager

Danesh manages the projects in Sri Lanka from initiation to completion. He is the Director of Foundation. Danesh is a award winning community volunteer and an entrepreneur based in Sri Lanka.

Nilanthi Edirisooriya
Project Supervisor 

Nilanthi is the project supervisor with
Foundation with a great passion to help people.

Lahiru Nuwan
Project Coordinator

Lahiru is the project coordinator for these projects.

About Our Organization

Helping Everyone | Everyday | Everywhere

Every day, helps people in poorest communities in rural areas of Sri Lanka to survive and thrive. Linking kind hearted people with who are in real need. The beloved father of Danesh Maduranga Edirisooriya, Mr. B.H. Edirisooriya was in the view of helping out the needy, and during his lifetime he was engaged in such activities.
Danesh, following his fathers foot-steps along with his younger sister Nilanthi Edirisooriya (Vice President –, came up this novel concept. Hence this idea was born in 2006.

Now Danesh working with facebook friends to enhance its services. It’s a registered foundation – Reg No. GA3032

Facebook Crowd-Funding Organization

Project Funded

We have been doing a lot of projects since 2006 through Facebook. Facebook friends have been contributing since 2012.


With the help of Facebook friends, we have helped a lot of needy people.

Years Experience is the largest social media foundation in Sri Lanka with many years of experience. We are also the first registered foundation to do things that are good for the community through Facebook.

Donors & Volunteers Supported

A large number of people have contributed to our projects via Facebook.

Contact Our Team

If you need to contact the Organizer/Project Manager or if you like to have a customized project for your need please contact us. Sri Lankans can directly contact the Foundation for Future Projects. We can do projects for your special events such as birthdays, anniveraries etc.
Dial +94701 10 10 10 to contact Danesh Edirisooriya.

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