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Solar Power (Domestic Unit) for Rural Families

by | Aug 30, 2020 | Project Light | 0 comments

Solar Power (Domestic Unit) for Rural Families

Access to Electricity is not available in some parts of Sri Lanka due to various reasons. Also, poverty has become a barrier in getting access to the power Families who do not have access to power, use Kerosene oil lamps which are not safe. Poor kids who use these lamps for their studies in the night are vulnerable to fire hazards and other health issues. Our goal is to supply  solar panels and “Study lamps” operated by solar power for these families. This can also be applied to the houses where Seniors live without electricity. Your dollar can go long ways to light someone’s house. We are planning to donate 12 Solar Panels/Study Lights.

Solar Panel for Electricity (Study Light) – 182AUD | $176 CAD | $135US | 113 Euro

(This Includes Purchasing required electronic items, Solar Unit Manufacturing cost, Travelling/Transport cost, Installation cost etc.)

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