Helping Poor Families During Pandemic (Completed Projects)

Distribution dry food items for poor families (Day 01)

by | Oct 28, 2020

Distribution dry food items for poor families (Day 01)

Siyabalanduwa is located in the district of Monaragala. Monaragala is one of the most undeveloped district in Sri Lanka with poverty.  Siyabalanduwa located 400 km away from Colombo

When I was doing donation projects with poorest families I have earlier identified few families from Siyabalanduwa . I thought this is the best time to donate some dry food items from them as all island is Suffering from coved-19. 

Families that I have donated dry food items are daily labors and earn only little some of money. Due to Covid-19 spreading through out the island these families are unable to go for daily work. And their children’s are thin and pale due to hunger and poverty.

In Siyabalanduwa some schools provided school children’s breakfast. Due to covid 19 spreading through out the country all schools are closed. Therefore they do not get their breakfast from school.

Therefore we have donated dry food items for these families which is enough for couple of weeks. Those families were very pleased to received such donation.

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