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Donation of hand sanitizers and face masks for people with low income

by | Aug 5, 2020

Donation of hand sanitizers and face masks for people with low income

Facemasks have, now, been made mandatory wherever people go in Sri Lanka, especially in public places.  As soon as the curfew is lifted, parents rush to towns to get their children something to eat. But those who used to earn a little income cannot afford to buy facemasks or sanitizers. 

They, somehow, find about Rs.500 and come to buy groceries for a month. They are helpless and when they visit public places without wearing facemasks, it makes the whole country insecure. Because when one person becomes insecure and goes among others in the society, they are also insecure. So we continued to distribute facemasks and hand sanitizers to the poor to minimize this risk as much as possible.

We donated two facemasks and a bottle of hand sanitizer to each family while distributing dry rations and a few extra facemasks were provided to families with several children. At the same time, they were made aware of how to use them and importance of using them. This programme was conducted by going from house to house without a single gathering.  As the second phase, we donated facemasks to families in the Mahiyanganaya area, which is about 260 kilometers from Colombo.

Here we donated high quality facemasks in blue, light green and pink with the help of our Fundraiser, and if there are several people in one house, we donated facemasks donated by MAS, one of Sri Lanka’s leading apparel companies. (Masks in other colors in the photographs are donated by the MAS)

Many of these families are helpless in the face of COVID- 19. In such a case, we did not take too many photos because it would not be appropriate to donate something of lesser value and to take many photos. We had instructed the photographer to take photographs when we discuss with them and when making a donation, because some photographs were needed to confirm the donation.

We would like to thank you and MAS for contributing to the donation of facemasks and hand sanitizers through GoFundMe Fundraiser to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus in Sri Lanka.

Please await for more details and photos…

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Project Budget

$ 251.80 CAD

This includes the transport charge also

Project Location

Mahiyangane, Siyambalanduwa