Helping Poor Families During Pandemic (Completed Projects)

Donations of School Items to Kids in Need

by | Jun 11, 2020

Donations of School Items to Kids in Need

During our journey to help people in need, we met these kids who needed our support. These innocent kids need a better education to escape from poverty and to face other difficulties and challenges they are facing now. One way to motivate them for education,is giving them basic needs for their schooling. They definitely need textbooks and other school items for their education. Their parents’ priority is not school items, but to find something to survive. Their burden is so much. They can not afford to buy school books and other items. So, thanks to your generous contribution, we donated school items to these kids. We know it is not much. But we did our best. We are hopeful that these kids are motivated and inspired to go to the school and do their studies well. Smile on their faces tells us how happy they are. Both kids and parents are so happy and grateful to everyone. 

Project Code


Project Budget

$112 CAD

This includes the transport charge also

Project Location

Jayanthipura, Polonnaruwa