Helping Poor Families During Pandemic (Completed Projects)

Starting a Vegetables selling Shop – Constructing a Shop (Day 1)

by | Jul 19, 2020

Starting a Vegetables selling Shop – Constructing a Shop (Day 1)

Our team stayed in Medawachchiya for several days to help the families who affected by the COVID19  pandemic .

This family wanted a vegetable shop.  So we told them to start the construction of the Shop and together they as Wife, Husband and family members , the wife began to construct a small shop by  roadside by using clay, wood, coconut twigs, and sheets.  By evening, they were able to construct a beautiful shop.

Meanwhile our team bought the scales, knives and other required items for the shop from Medawachchiya town.  We are in a remote village away 250 Kilometers from Colombo. 

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Family Details : 

There are a lot of people in this family including girl children and their living in a small clay house. At least they don’t have a proper toilet.  These people are an under privileged farmers and many of their crops  have been destroyed due to the drought in their area. There is no suitable income for their hard work. 

Due to the COVID19 pandemic everyone had to stay at home for a long time and such people who live on the income of farming laboring became seriously helpless. They really want to start a small vegetable shop.  But their not on the position to  afford it.


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Project Budget

$ 239.68 CAD

This includes the transport charge also

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