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Wheelchair Donation to a Disabled Mother

by | Jun 16, 2020

Wheelchair Donation to a Disabled Mother

This mother’s name is Keeram Manika. She is 79 years old. She has a couple of health issues: a kidney disease, high blood pressure, and chronic back pain. And, she can not walk either. She is struggling for survival daily because her health conditions and disabilities. She uses a fence like structure to drag herself  to the outhouse from home. So, we donated a wheel chair to this mom. We hope that, this will really  help her to move around and make it a little easier for her. She is so happy about the donation. That brought tears to her eyes. She cried. She thanked everyone for their donations, and blessed everyone for the noble work. We all are part of this noble help.

Project Code


Project Budget

$110 CAD

This includes the transport charge also

Project Location

Helambagaswewa, Medawachchiya (Anuradhapura DIstrict)