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A helpless family with a sick child (Income : $4/day)

by | May 29, 2020

A helpless family with a sick child (Income : $4/day)

This family of 5 is a low income family. Their situation is heartbreaking. The youngest child is suffering from Epilepsy. They try to survive day by day. They don’t have a permanent income source. They go from home to home looking for labour work. If they are lucky to find work, they can earn about $4 day. We can see that they are suffering. However, they faced the camera with a smile. Let us help these adorable kids and their parents with a little donation.

  • Mother : No information available
  • Father : No information available
  • Daughter 1 : Hasini Imasha (13 years)
  • Daughter 2 : Pramodya (9 years)
  • Son 1 : Ashen (5 years) – Sick (Epilepsy)
  • Income method : Labor

Family No


Daily Income

$4 CAD per day

Family Location

Buttala, Monaragala District, Sri Lanka