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Sick Grandmother and daughter (Income : $4/day)

by | May 29, 2020

Sick Grandmother and daughter (Income : $4/day)

This kid lives with her grandma and grandpa. Grandma is sick and old and can not work. Grandpa is a farmer and does not have a stable income. Dad is a single parent and work as a laborer. Due to the extreme poverty, this kid has dropped schooling in search of a job.  Her mom has abandoned her.

  • Grandmother : Irangani (58 years)
  • Grandfather : P.H Layanal (61 years)
  • Father : Name not available
  • Mother : Abandoned the family
  • Daughter : Sashini Subashini (18 years)
  • Income method : Labour

Family No


Daily Income

$4 CAD per day

Family Location

Buttala, Monaragala District, Sri Lanka