The selected Locations of Water filter installation 

Dhammaruchi Temple

by | Aug 28, 2020

Dhammaruchi Temple

Dhammaruchi Rajamaha Viharaya temple is located in Galegama, Ataviragollawa, Medavachchiya where the venerable Ambalangoda Dhammaruchika thero is the chief incumbent. This temple is scarce with resources for the monks and worshipers. There are about 80 families living in the village who are observing “Sil” (the practice of living with good conduct) on all four days of Poya. Water quality is poor in this area. We are initially planning to provide this communal area with a Reverse Osmosis filter to aid in preventing poor health amongst both the monks and worshipers.


Ataweeragolalwa, Medawachchiya



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