The selected Locations of Water filter installation 

Vishaka Pre-school

by | Aug 28, 2020

Vishaka Pre-school

There are approximately about 25 preschoolers currently studying in Vishaka nursery, situated in Madawachchiya District In Rural Srilanaka. The village that this Nursery located (Hiralugama) currently battling with known kidney failure issues amongst the residents. It’s said, that there are about 55 Adults who are currently identified as already having Kidney failures . It has been recognized that having access to cleaner water can prevent these kidney failure been further spread in to the community at Large. Initially we are planning to install a proper water purification system (RO FIlter)  in this preschool. So in that way we can at least make sure the safety of our future generation.


Hirallugama, Medawachchiya



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