Helping Poor Families During Pandemic (Completed Projects)

Dry Ration Donations to Families Affected

by | Jun 19, 2020

Dry Ration Donations to Families Affected

During our journey to Madawachchiya, Anuradhapura, looking for families in need, we met these families in need. This includes families with children and a family with a disabled women. Again, with their consent, we captured pictures of their houses to give you a sense of how they live, magnitude of poverty among families in this area,  and hardship they may be facing.  The houses they live are not safe to live as you can see in the pictures. One has a crooked roof and the other has unstable walls. Heavy rains and wind may topple them down. But, these families do not have enough income to address these critical issues with their houses. We donated groceries (dry rations) to these families. Each family received groceries enough for a couple of weeks. With your donation, we can help these families. Please consider donating.


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Project Budget

$109.92 CAD

This includes the transport charge also

Project Location

Medawachchiya, Anuradhapura.