Helping Poor Families During Pandemic (Completed Projects)

Extending our helping hands towards a person whom does masonry work

by | Jul 15, 2020

Extending our helping hands towards a person whom does masonry work

We did donate almost all the required tools and equipment such as a Angle Grinder, an Impact Drill, a Wood Cutting Wheel, a Diamond Wheel, a leveling tube, a Hand saw, a Trowel, Tapes, Hand Gloves, Hammers etc., which would help this person to continue his masonry works.

He accepted these items whilst thanking with heartiest gratitude, towards all whom involved in this great deed. They saluted us with great respect having smiles in their faces when we returned back after the donation. We too came from that place with our heartfelt gratitude towards all whom contributed for this meritorious deed.

Actually, this courageous person was in a helpless state, due to the deadly Covid epidemic condition prevailed in the entire country because he had to take care of his ailing wife, two children and his old mother while doing some nonpermanent part time labor works. We gave him a hope by extending our support to do a self employment with dignity and pride which would definitely help him to feed his family.

Family Details : 

This family of 4 lives in Moragoda, Sri Lanka. The youngest daughter is 6 years old and the oldest is 11 years old. The youngest daughter is doing her schooling well. she is smart. She has passed grade 5 scholarship exam with flying colors. Their mom is chronically sick due to neurological condition. And, She is deaf. Dad is the only breadwinner of the family. He works as a bricklayer/Mason. His does not have fulltime job. So, his income is not enough for the family. Recently he has lost his tools when he rushed home due to COVID lockdown.  Now, he can not work without his tools. He gets some help from neighbors. They live in a incomplete, beat-up house. It does not have a proper roof. They are struggling so hard to survive. Two daughters live with a neighbor for security reason. This dad wants your help to buy his tools and develop his bricklaying work.

  • Mother : Irosha Kumari (47 years)
  • Father : K. N. Dissanayaka (49 years)
  • Kid 1 : Gayathri Umesha (16 years)
  • Kid 2 : Imeshika Rashmini (11 Years)
  • Grandmother
  • Income method : Mason

Please await for more photos…

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Project Budget

$222.58 CAD

This includes the transport charge also

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