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Every day, SamajaSathkara.lk helps people in poorest communities in rural areas of Sri Lanka to survive and thrive. Linking kind hearted people with who are in real need. The beloved father of Danesh Maduranga Edirisooriya, Mr. B.H. Edirisooriya was in the view of helping out the needy, and during his lifetime he was engaged in such activities.
Danesh, following his fathers foot-steps along with his younger sister Nilanthi Edirisooriya (Vice President – SamajaSathkara.lk), came up this novel concept. Hence this idea was born in 2006.

Now Danesh working with facebook friends to enhance its services. It’s a registered foundation – Reg No. GA3032

Meet Our Team

Danesh Edirisooriya
Project Manager
Danesh manages the projects in Sri Lanka from initiation to completion. He is the Director of SamajaSathkara.lk Foundation. Danesh is a award winning community volunteer and an entrepreneur based in Sri Lanka.
Nilanthi Edirisooriya
Project Supervisor 
Nilanthi is the project supervisor with SamajaSathkara.lk
Foundation with a great passion to help people.
Lahiru Nuwan
Project Coordinator
Lahiru is the project coordinator for these projects.
Facebook Crowd-Funding Organization

Project Funded

We have been doing a lot of projects since 2006 through Facebook. Facebook friends have been contributing since 2012.


With the help of Facebook friends, we have helped a lot of needy people.

Years Experience

SamajaSathkara.lk is the largest social media foundation in Sri Lanka with many years of experience. We are also the first registered foundation to do things that are good for the community through Facebook.

Donors & Volunteers Supported

A large number of people have contributed to our projects via Facebook.