Helping Families in Need During Pandemic & Beyond

Millions of people around the world have been affected due to COVID19 Pandemic. There are no exceptions to people in Sri Lanka. Among them, families who were already below poverty line and the most vulnerable people such as seniors and children have been severely affected. They need our support and your support to survive during this most horrific time in the human history. Together, we can give these people and families a little hope, motivation and courage to face their challenges. Please visit our humanitarian projects on this website to help these poor and vulnerable people during this pandemic and be kind to donate a DOLLAR.

“Set your heart on doing good. Do it over and over again, and you will be filled with joy” –

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Helping Poor Families During Pandemic and Beyond

By Dr. Sumith Kahanda partnered with

Millions of people have lost their jobs during this Pandemic. There is are no exceptions to people in Sri Lanka. The Government does its best to help people but it won’t continue for long. However, they struggle. The most vulnerable people and families who are already below poverty line need a great deal of support for a foreseeable future. For a country like Sri Lanka, this is a huge burden. Low income families in Sri Lanka receive Rs 5000 each per month for two months during this COVID19 pandemic. This is an equivalent to $37 CAD or $27 US or 25 Euros. Average family size is 4. Imagine living off of $37 CAD per month.  It is really tough. We want to reach out to these  people to give them hopes. Our target is to raise $5000 CAD and help poor families in Sri Lanka. We can do that with your kind support. Together we can do it. Your dollar is worth more than you think. We know everyone is suffering one way or the other. Do your best to help a family during this pandemic. Bless you. Thanks.

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Completed Project Summary

With your generous donations, we managed to complete following projects so far. We’re very grateful for your financial support. We want you to feel confident & happy that we’re spending your donations wisely. So, we’re committed to being open about how we’re funded, how we are spending your donations and managed. Read this summary of the completed projects. This section will be updated regularly as we go.
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Our Project Plan

With your generous donations, the following projects are expected to commence immediately to help poor families in remote villages in Sri Lanka. We are hoping to visit the most remote areas which are 200-300km away from the city centers of Sri Lanka looking for families which require the most support for survival. As listed below, We are open to many projects which help poor families in rural setting and improve their living conditions. Self-employment projects may usually take 4-6 weeks to complete. Due to this pandemic, the manufacturing and importing goods required for projects is slow and takes more time than it usually takes. Therefore, once the required items have been purchased, these projects will be initiated.

Self-employment for Poor Families

A large number of low-income Sri Lankans are helpless due to the COVID19 epidemic. Most of them lost their livelihood. While public servants get paid, the middle class live off their savings, the poor are very helpless. We plan to create self-employment opportunities to these affected families. We hope to provide the initial raw materials, tools, equipments and guidance for them to start self-employment of their choice to achieve long-term stability.

  • Sewing Machine (Normal) – $255 CAD 
  • Sewing Machine (Lockstich) – $460 CAD
  • Overlock Machine – $587 CAD
  • Bush Cutter (Grass Cutter) Machine – $219 CAD
  • Cement Brick Making Machine Basic – $117 CAD 
  • Cement Brick Making Machine Advance – $219 CAD 
  • Incense Stick Making Machine – $407 CAD 
  • String Hopper Making Machine – $133 CAD 
  • Slipper Making Machine – $1074 CAD 
  • Street Orange Juice Bar – $185 CAD 
  • Ready-made Slipper Selling Business –  $148 CAD 
  • Pillows, Doormat & Dolls Selling Business –  $185 CAD 
  • Cattle – $473 CAD – $947 CAD 
  • Goats – $109 CAD – $255 CAD 

Since most of the raw materials are imported from China, it can be difficult to find them these days. And the prices of the materials can go up during the post-covid period. Therefore, the estimate for these self-employment projects may not be accurate.

Potable water Supply System with RO Filters and Water Tanks

In Sri Lanka, well water (groundwater) is directly consumed with little or no treatment as people in these areas can not afford treatment facilities. However, water quality in many part of Sri Lanka is poor and is not suitable for drinking. Drinking contaminated water has caused kidney diseases among poor people. Our solution is to supply RO filters and water tanks to these poor communities specially schools. Your generous donations will be used for these projects.

  • RO Filter –  $423 CAD 
  • Water Tank –  $73 CAD – $110 CAD 

Computers for Kids from poor families

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is being taught in every school now. For high school students and College/University Students, a Laptop has become a must to continue their studies in a rapidly changing world. Most students are helpless as their parents are unable to afford a laptop for their education. With your donations, we are planning to buy laptops for kids from poor families.

  • Laptop –  $483 CAD 
  • Basic Computer –  $218 CAD 
  • Advance Computer – $401 CAD 

Mask & Sanitizer

Wearing masks is mandatory wherever you go. Especially in public places. Hand sanitizers and masks are not a priority for poor families as their priority is to find something to eat for survival. Yet, these people are so vulnerable due to their living conditions, poor sanitary facilities and underline health issues. Mandatory requirements has added a strain to these families. Our plan is to buy masks and hand sanitizers and distribute among poor families. But without your contribution, we can not support them.

  • 2 Mask & 100ml Sanitizer Bottle Pack – $2.55 CAD 

Eye Glasses (Spectacles) for Kids and Adults

There are many low-income mothers, fathers and children with poor eyesight. But they have no money to go and see an optometrist and afford prescribed eye glasses (spectacles). With your donations, we can help them to improve their eyesight.

  • Eye Glasses (with eyesight test) –  $55 CAD – $88 CAD (Including travelling)
  • Reading Glasses – $8.75 CAD – $10.94 CAD

Bicycle for school kids

In some rural area in Sri Lanka, school kids have to walk long ways (about 5 km or more) to reach their schools as there are no public transport or school buses. Therefore, having a bicycle is a dream of many children. With your donations, we will be helping few of these school kids to achieve their dream.

  • Mountain Bicycle –  $131 CAD – $167 CAD 
  • Small Bicycle – $58 CAD
  • Tricycle – $30 CAD 


Support for Disabled People

In Sri Lanka, there are so many children, adults and seniors with mental and physical disabilities due to various reasons. These disabled people have various needs such as wheelchairs, orthopedic equipments such as water mattresses, air mattresses, and hearing aids etc. However, families can not afford these requirements. People in remote areas do not even have access to a wheelchair provided by the government.. They cannot work because of their disabilities. Basic needs cannot be met. With your donations, we can help them to improve their living standards.

  • Wheelchair Regular – $109 – 111 CAD 
  • Wheelchair with Commode –  $143 – 148 CAD 
  • Wheelchair Tricycle –  $341 CAD 
  • Walking Stick – $15 CAD
  • Walker – $44 CAD
  • Crutches – $26 CAD
  • White Cane (cane for blind) – $18 CAD
  • Wooden Walking Cane – $7 CAD
  • Water Mattress – $58 CAD
  • Air Mattress – $97 CAD
  • Hearing Aids – $547 CAD+

Support for Poor Kids

There are so many poor children who have no access to school supplies, clothes to wear, food to eat, and milk to drink. There are lot of children living with many other problems including health issues. Some kids can not go to school. Parents are helpless as they can not afford any of these. The consequences are unimaginable. With your support, we are determine to help these poor kids to the best we can. With your dollar, we can do much for these kids.

  • Scholarship for Computer Program – $89 CAD (4/6 months)
  • School Supplies –  $19 CAD 
  • School Bags – $9.84 CAD
  • English/Sinhala Dictionary –  $15 CAD 
  • Shoes –  $13 CAD 
  • Story Books (10 Pack) –  $1.82 CAD 
  • Toys – $1.82 CAD 

Support for poor Seniors

In Sri Lanka, there are many Seniors who do not have children’s attention. Tens of thousands of Seniors are suffering quietly: no place to sleep, no foods to eat, no cloths to wear and most importantly no love and attention from their own kids. It is very sad to see them suffering. With your donation, we will look after some of these seniors to give them some comfort, love and attention. Please donate for these noble support for seniors.

Support for Pregnant Moms

Expecting a baby is the greatest joy in the world. However, for poor pregnant moms, this can be a stress as they are unable to afford the nutritional requirements and other basic needs during  pregnancy. With your donations, we are going to help these expecting moms with nutritional and other basic support. Bless someone with a little donation.

Solar Power for Rural Families

Access to Electricity is not available in some parts of Sri Lanka due to various reasons. Also, poverty has become a barrier in getting access to the power Families who do not have access to power, use Kerosene oil lamps which are not safe. Poor kids who use these lamps for their studies in the night are vulnerable to fire hazards and other health issues. Our goal is to supply  solar panels and “Study lamps” operated by solar power for these families. This can also be applied to the houses where Seniors live without electricity. Your dollar can go long ways to light someone’s house.

Supports for Pets and Animals

Pandemic situation has also affected pets and animals. No foods and shelters. Stray dogs and cats have created health and safety hazards. They too need homes, food and vaccines. Some rural families need cattle and goats to make their living. Many slaughterhouses in Sri Lanka kill hundreds of cattle / goats on a daily basis. It’s great if we can release at least one cow/goat and give it to a poor family. We can also see dogs walking with their feet paralyzed. We can help disabled street dogs by donating Wheels/Carts.

  • Dog Wheels for Handicapped dogs –  $186 CAD 
  • Cattle – $473 CAD – $947 CAD (rescue from slaughterhouses)
  • Goats – $109 CAD – $255 CAD (rescue from slaughterhouses)
  • Cattle feed for sick cattle – $53 CAD for 2 Weeks / $106 CAD for 1 month (Complementary Cattle Feed & Milk Magic for 10+ cattle)

Estimated budget for Projects/ Materials

The prices quoted herein may vary depending on the date and location of the purchase. This may vary depending on the exchange rate. The value is adjusted to the nearest decimal point for ease of calculation. The cost of transporting large machineries and items is also included.

Helpless Families need your support

The following families identified by our group need your kindness, empathy and support. Click on the photos to learn about these families and their needs. Please help us to help these families immediately

Completed Projects

With your generous donations, we managed to complete following project so far. We’re very grateful for your financial support We want you to feel confident & be happy that we’re spending your money wisely. So, we’re committed to being open about how we’re funded, and how we are spending your donations and managed. Read this summary of the completed projects. This section will be regularly updated as we go.

Funds Transferred to the Foundation by Sumith Kahanda

Distributed to the Community by the Foundation – Sri Lanka

Meet Our Team

Sumith Kahanda
Main Organizer

Dr. Sumith is the main organizer of the fund raising events for our humanitarian projects and provides his guidance and directions to the projects. Sumith currently lives in Saskatoon, Canada. You can reach him via email and social media platforms.

Danesh Edirisooriya
Project Manager

Danesh manages the projects in Sri Lanka from initiation to completion. He is the Director of Foundation. Danesh is a award winning community volunteer and an entrepreneur based in Sri Lanka.

Nilanthi Edirisooriya
Project Supervisor 

Nilanthi is the project supervisor with
Foundation with a great passion to help people.

Lahiru Nuwan
Project Coordinator

Lahiru is the project coordinator for these projects.

About Our Organization

Helping Everyone | Everyday | Everywhere

Every day, helps people in poorest communities in rural areas of Sri Lanka to survive and thrive. Linking kind hearted people with who are in real need. The beloved father of Danesh Maduranga Edirisooriya, Mr. B.H. Edirisooriya was in the view of helping out the needy, and during his lifetime he was engaged in such activities.
Danesh, following his fathers foot-steps along with his younger sister Nilanthi Edirisooriya (Vice President –, came up this novel concept. Hence this idea was born in 2006.

Now Danesh working with facebook friends to enhance its services. It’s a registered foundation – Reg No. GA3032

Facebook Crowd-Funding Organization

Project Funded

We have been doing a lot of projects since 2006 through Facebook. Facebook friends have been contributing since 2012.


With the help of Facebook friends, we have helped a lot of needy people.

Years Experience is the largest social media foundation in Sri Lanka with many years of experience. We are also the first registered foundation to do things that are good for the community through Facebook.

Donors & Volunteers Supported

A large number of people have contributed to our projects via Facebook.

Contact Our Team

If you need to contact the Organizer/Project Manager or if you like to have a customized project for your need please contact us. Sri Lankans can directly contact the Foundation for Future Projects. We can do projects for your special events such as birthdays, anniveraries etc.
Dial +94701 10 10 10 to contact Danesh Edirisooriya.

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