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Support Sri Lanka is a fund raising initiative for the COVID-19 Pandamic launched by Foundation, in a view of extending its helping hands towards the activities and social welfare programmes being focused in lessening, controling and eliminating the spread of COVID -19.

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With your generous donations, we managed to complete following projects so far. We’re very grateful for your financial support. We want you to feel confident & happy that we’re spending your donations wisely. So, we’re committed to being open about how we’re funded, how we are spending your donations and managed. Read this summary of the completed projects. This section will be updated regularly as we go.
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Project Water by Lewmini

Amakuliya Primary School

51 children studying between year 1 and year 5 attend Amakuliya Primary School (Principal: Mrs Dhammika Jayasinghe) situated in the Puttalam district. Each day the children must walk to school about 4km on difficult tracks just to receive an education. Scarcity in resources are prevalent including the lack of safe drinking water. We are initially planning to donate a RO water filter to the school to help bridge their scarcity In resources and help with the prevention of kidney diseases.

Project Water by Lewmini

Vishaka Pre-school

There are approximately about 25 preschoolers currently studying in Vishaka nursery, situated in Madawachchiya District In Rural Srilanaka. The village that this Nursery located (Hiralugama) currently battling with known kidney failure issues amongst the residents. It’s said, that there are about 55 Adults who are currently identified as already having Kidney failures . It has been recognized that having access to cleaner water can prevent these kidney failure been further spread in to the community at Large. Initially we are planning to install a proper water purification system (RO Filter)  in this preschool. So in that way we can at least make sure the safety of our future generation.

Project Water by Lewmini

Dhammaruchi Temple

Dhammaruchi Rajamaha Viharaya temple is located in Galegama, Ataviragollawa, Medavachchiya where the venerable Ambalangoda Dhammaruchika thero is the chief incumbent. This temple is scarce with resources for the monks and worshipers. There are about 80 families living in the village who are observing “Sil” (the practice of living with good conduct) on all four days of Poya. Water quality is poor in this area.

Project Water by Lewmini

Mahadiulwewa Pregnant Womens’ Clinic

Clinic for expectant Moms, Situated in Section 57 Thulana, Madawachchiya District In Rural Sri Lanka. Over 200 (aprox.)pregnant ladies, and Kids get their routine treatments from this medical center In any given Month. Not only that, there are about 150 dharma school kids attending dharma school at this Same location every week. More over almost all other government offices also situated in this same Location . As such This particular Location is of a great Importance To the Community.

Meet Our Team

Danesh Edirisooriya
Project Manager

Danesh manages the projects in Sri Lanka from initiation to completion. He is the Director of Foundation. Danesh is a award winning community volunteer and an entrepreneur based in Sri Lanka.

Nilanthi Edirisooriya
Project Supervisor 

Nilanthi is the project supervisor with
Foundation with a great passion to help people.

Lahiru Nuwan
Project Coordinator

Lahiru is the project coordinator for these projects.

About Our Organization

Helping Everyone | Everyday | Everywhere

Every day, helps people in poorest communities in rural areas of Sri Lanka to survive and thrive. Linking kind hearted people with who are in real need. The beloved father of Danesh Maduranga Edirisooriya, Mr. B.H. Edirisooriya was in the view of helping out the needy, and during his lifetime he was engaged in such activities.
Danesh, following his fathers foot-steps along with his younger sister Nilanthi Edirisooriya (Vice President –, came up this novel concept. Hence this idea was born in 2006.

Now Danesh working with facebook friends to enhance its services. It’s a registered foundation – Reg No. GA3032

Facebook Crowd-Funding Organization

Project Funded

We have been doing a lot of projects since 2006 through Facebook. Facebook friends have been contributing since 2012.


With the help of Facebook friends, we have helped a lot of needy people.

Years Experience is the largest social media foundation in Sri Lanka with many years of experience. We are also the first registered foundation to do things that are good for the community through Facebook.

Donors & Volunteers Supported

A large number of people have contributed to our projects via Facebook.

Contact Our Team

If you need to contact the Organizer/Project Manager or if you like to have a customized project for your need please contact us. Sri Lankans can directly contact the Foundation for Future Projects. We can do projects for your special events such as birthdays, anniveraries etc.
Dial +94701 10 10 10 to contact Danesh Edirisooriya.

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